Technical Senior High School

1) Mechanical engineering course
2) Mechanical and Electrical engineering course
3) Architectural engineering course
4) Urban engineering course
5) Electrical engineering course
6) Physical science subject course
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1-5-64 Zengenji-cho Miyakojima-ku Osaka city

Miyakojima Technical Senior High School Miyako has over a hundred years history.
and the longest tradition among Osaka municipal senior high schools of technology.
The basic school mottos consist of "Work", "Autonomy" and "Creation."
Under these mottos, about 1,200 students are working on their studies and in clubs now,
and more than 30,000 students have graduated from the six courses Miyako office.
Most of them have been playing important roles in every field,
making remarkable contributions to the technological advancement of this country.

Six Courses
M course : Mechanical engineering course
ME course : Mechanical and Electrical engineering course
A course : Architectural engineering course
C course : Urban engineering course
E course : Electrical engineering course
R course : Physical science subject course

After graduation, students work as engineers, served as government officials,
or take over their parents' businesses.
About 50 percent of the students go on to higher technical schools,
junior college, or universities.

Each student leads a happy school life in wonderful "Miyako!!"

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